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Getting Argus

Source Code

Argus- is the current stable version of argus, which you should get as a tarball using the links below.

argus- -

argus-clients- -

Development versions of Argus-3.x, which are developed and discussed on the argus development mailing list are available, as alpha and beta code. These packages will have all the latest features, bug-fixes, as well as new bugs ;o). Packages are available here.

Argus-development-versions -

The use of Argus versions 2.x is now discouraged. Please consider running argus-3.0.x as your first choice for argus and its client programs. Source code for the these distributions can be downloaded via HTTP or FTP from the following locations:

Argus source requires libpcap, and the GNU bison, and it is suggested that you link argus with tcp_wrappers. Argus can also be linked to cyrus-sasl for remote access security. Copies of the most recent versions of these packages can be found at:


Binary Packages

Binary packages for argus-3.0.8 can be generated from the argus distribution tar bundles. We will make packages available as we can make them, and we'll have links here.

If you have, know of, or are in a position to generate, a binary package for any missing platforms, please send mail to the mailing list. We can't accept packages without verifying content, etc..., so please mail the list and we'll discuss.